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Tips and Tricks When Playing FIFA Games

Football game lovers know well about FIFA and its coins. It is a must-have item for every gamer with many benefits. In this case, gamers should buy fifa 22 coins or others packages to increase their chances of winning. 

fifa gamesWhen you win more matches, you can get more coins to manage your team. This way, you can buy the best players and coaches to build a great team. These chances of winning will lead you to more benefits as you have more opportunities to earn money. Besides, you can also use coins to find sponsors and play as many games as you want. You can approach the sponsors to get more money, which will make your team stronger.

However, a coin is not the only crucial thing to focus on to win the games. You have to know how to play the matches well. Therefore, this article wants to put several tips and tricks to play FIFA games below.


game fifaIt is necessary to learn at least two dribbling techniques. You can practice them in the arena until you can easily do them in all directions. In this case, you must use R/RS in the direction your player wants to perform the skill.

Once you master both, don’t perform them too often during the game. Switch to one and pass, then try the other and pass the ball. Shoot when you’re close to the target. Shoot whenever you can. It will give your team a boost of energy and help them play better. Don’t try to score the goal 100% of the time. Shoot every chance you get.


The beautiful shooting of FIFA 15 is back. It’s easier than ever to try it out without pressing any buttons other than B/Circle. Please remember not to hold down the shoot button for too long, or it will shoot sky-high.


There are some tactics you can use. You can use the L /LS joystick to adjust your direction. You can pass to an attacker and dribble better if you don’t turn in the right direction. It is necessary to find a balance between passing and keeping the ball. An excellent trick to use is to keep the ball as long as possible to make the opponent restless. In FIFA 15, it’s convenient for beginners to score a goal at the last minute, even if you’ve done all the work. 

Stay safe and keep playing the ball. Also, remember that runners with B/CIRCLE must push or pull their opponents. Referees usually do not see this and may let you do it.

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A Beginner’s Guide to FIFA 21 Online

FIFA 20 Online had become more popular in 2020. Many people also predicted that FIFA 21 Online will continue the previous version as it offers much better graphics and smooth gameplay. Although there are many improvements in the latest version, FIFA 21 has many similarities, especially when it comes to gameplay and technique. That said, in this guide, I wrote the tips that I gained from my gameplay experience with FIFA 20 and a little bit with FIFA 21 Online. It would be best if you considered increasing your fifa 21 coins as these coins help you a lot in buying professional players. I wrote many of these tips apply specifically to individual opponents, and I hope they can help you defeat your friends (or enemies).

FIFA 21 Beginner Tips

Possession Tactics and Recommended Gameplay Technique

First of all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should try to score with every touch – that’s the wrong way to understand the game. Instead, it would be best if you thought about preventing your opponent from scoring, which is possible when you are in front of the ball. If you dominate the sport and always have your competitor on edge, they will not only get frustrated but perhaps even tired. The competition can’t score if you have the caches (unless you and that’s the first tip’s premise. Here are some important tips to increase your chances of maintaining possession of the ball.

It would help if you did not always look for forwarding movement. The ball can move backward, too, especially if you are fighting possession. The extra competitor will overload the middle third and make keeping possession much, much more comfortable. You may pick a team that works the midfield with a high exit value. Control is not dependent on pace. My advice is to pick a team like Barcelona and play their “Tika Taka” soccer technique.

Shooting Techniques and Tips

FIFA 21 Beginner TipsThe heading is an essential technique you should learn if you want to get some good scores. In FIFA 21, the heading is more needed and more about positioning and timing than previous versions of the game. If you hit the “B” button, you may not get the ball. It is occasionally controversial, and I often hear people complain that the movement is broken in this particular game. On the contrary, if you understand how to go correctly, you’ll often get your spans.

Here are my tips for scoring completions, followed by heading. Besides always slowing down when you are trying to do heading, it would help if you also used the RB properly. Don’t try to finish it from a distance. It’s meant to put the ball around the goalie, and you need to use it to your advantage. Finally, you can try to take the shot from a corner. If you can get your player to form a corner before the shot, especially in a delicate way, you could put it off the goalkeeper, who won’t be worried anymore.

Heading Technique and Tips

First of all, you need to plan the length of your headers. Don’t simply press “B” when a cross comes in, or you’ll end up with countless headers inside the crossbar. Watch your player’s timing and figure out when to jump. Also, it’s a good idea to get in front of the defender. Use this idea to get in front of the opponent’s goalkeeper, and you’ll have a better chance of beating him in the air. You must execute your header correctly. Too weak, and you won’t beat the goalie. If you move, you will get a chance to miss your own mark.

Dribbling Technique and Tips

Dribbling and skill exercises are an indispensable part of becoming a truly world-class player in FIFA. However, constantly spamming skills to show off is not robust and unlikely to get you anywhere. Instead, work on skill moves that are easy to replicate and use them in specific scenarios to be much more useful. It will protect the ball when your opponent tries too hard. Instead of sprinting all over the place, you should control your dribbling to keep the ball longer and use as few touches as possible. It will allow you to control all of your player’s movements and rotations away from marking.